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Fridge Freezer Guide - What kind of fridge freezer I will buy?

Fridge Freezer Guide - What kind of fridge freezer I will buy?

Below are a series of things that you may want to consider before buying your next freezer. The first and most crucial thing is that you need a separate fridge and separate freezer, or are you looking for a combination model?

Fridge freezer in two basic forms, the really basic form is a refrigerator with a compartment inside that containing a freezer - these are generally only suitable for anyone living alone or for ice. The other essential version is where the unit is quite tall and has a completely separate freezer above or below the refrigerator. These are often as big as each other.

Now we can talk about some of the basics to think about:


The outer dimensions of the freezer will be stated in centimeters - height, width and depth so make sure you measure the space you have in the CMS but our advice is to allow at least 2 CMS around to allow air circulation as both units generate a little heat during operation . Make sure you leave 3-5 CMS on the back to allow the cable. You should of course also consider your ceiling height if this is a problem. Some models may need even more space on the back of them to allow air to cool, so you must remember this when you choose. For embedded models, make sure you also allow housing.

The internal capacity of the freezer is generally quoted in liters and / or cubic feet. Some manufacturers provide a separate breakdown of how space is divided; i.e. liter / Cu.ft of refrigeration space and liter / Cu.ft of freezer compartment. These numbers are a useful way to compare the models because you will find that some models have large variations depending on their designs.

Space and your lifestyle

Think about what kind of food you buy: If you regularly buy fresh food and usually only use the freezer for ice cubes, ice cream etc. then you should consider a model with a larger area and a smaller freezer. If your shopping tends against lots of frozen items you stay in the freezer for a long time, make sure you have not only a higher freezer but also one that has a more powerful freezer element.

Energy efficiency

Fridge freezes all now energy rated by A through two G according to their energy efficiency. A is the best and will save you money on your electricity bill but keep in mind that some of the really cheap A models may be driven. Their running costs are often stated in kilowatts per year; A good guideline when comparing models in the store. You should use ratings to get an idea of ​​which model costs more to drive by multiplying this number with cost per kilowatt hour that you pay for your electricity. Generally, new models usually fall in the A-C range. The refrigeration and freeze areas will have separate controls to ensure that they operate at optimal temperatures.

star Rating

Given 1 star to 4 stars for the freezer compartment. The more stars the better! Most freezers will be three or four stars. This means that most foods can be frozen and stored safely for up to twelve months. Lower star ratings are usually applicable to ice cubes rather than freezers, meaning the food can only be frozen for a month and a week.

Frost free

That only means that! No more antifreeze, drain out, scrape off ice and throw up water puddles in your kitchen. Think about this option if you go to a larger freezer and if you have a family that is in and out of it much. This has to be one of the best innovations ever and although models with this feature tend to be more expensive, it is definitely worth considering.

Automatic defrosting

This automatically regulates the temperature in the refrigerator to prevent frost build up, which means you never get unwanted ice cubes! Not available in all models but again, worth looking for.


Look for shelves that are easy to clean and can be removed (and are ideally adjustable). Be careful of glass ones because they can break and are expensive to replace - but they are very practical for the refrigerator because they can only be wiped down and do not block the display of whats inside. Its worth checking if you can conveniently reach all shelves because some cold freezers can be quite long! For the freezer compartment, the food boxes must be strong - they may carry heavy foods and must be tough to not break when pulled out for a hundred times! Most are made of transparent strong plastic. Try them out in the store to make sure they do not feel thin - they must stand up too much wear and tear are often the first things to break.

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